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If It Isn’t Protected, Should It Even Be Connected?

In 2016, many of the world’s top websites fell victim to a new kind of cyber attack. Rather than breach the sites directly, Mirai botnet targeted vulnerable routers and surveillance cameras that weren’t properly authenticated. This type of attack can quickly go from disruptive to life threatening when used to control connected medical devices, cars or heavy machinery.


IoT Security That Covers Every Angle

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) uses digital certificates to verify the identity of connected devices, keep information private and ensure the integrity of code. No matter how you look at it, you’re covered.

Certificates for devices validate identities to make sure only authorized users, messages or other types of servers have access to the device.
Certificates create an encrypted link and allow information to be transmitted privately.
Certificates make sure that any data transferred to and from the cloud, gateway or devices are not altered.

Don’t Worry,
This Platform Can Manage

DigiCert Cloud PKITM is the easiest-to-use platform for deploying and managing millions of IoT certificates.

Provision, issue, renew and revoke certificates all in
one place. No hassle, no manual error.

  • Secure storage and management for certificate keys
  • Custom certificate profiles
  • Automated high-volume deployment
  • Scanning and remediation suggestions for vulnerabilities
  • Analytics and reports about your network
  • Automated certificate issuance via REST API, Web Services
  • Updates to cryptographic curves, algorithms, and hashes

For Stronger Code, Sign Here

DigiCert Secure App Service allows you to sign code using a secure cloud
backed by military-grade data centers.


  • Know your keys and reputation are safe
  • Know who signed what
  • Ensure that your keys are never shared


  • Code-sign applications on more platforms, faster than ever
  • Control who can code-sign applications
  • Minimize impact if a certificate needs to be revoked


  • Preserve the life and integrity of your applications
  • Ensure everyone is signing using predetermined standards
  • Avoid signing applications that may contain malware

Why Choose DigiCert to
Secure Your IoT Infrastructure?

No matter what type of infrastructure setup you need, DigiCert offers flexible IoT solutions.

Our PKI architects can plug in at any stage of deployment – from proof-of-concept to implementation to securing millions of devices.

Deploy thousands of certificates in minutes using our mass-issuance platform. Save time by automating management tasks using REST API, SCEP, or Web Services.

Consolidate, organize and manage identity relationships for people, devices and sensors using IoT certificates.

Certificates can confirm original device configuration settings as well as sign messages going back and forth from devices, ensuring that messages have not been changed.

DigiCert is built on hyper-converged infrastructure with the highest level of availability, redundancy and security compliance.


Encryption that
doesn’t skip a beat

Many medical devices fail to encrypt firmware updates, allowing attackers to remotely install malware and even run life-threatening commands. With DigiCert Cloud PKI™, you can encrypt communications for every device that’s under your care.



Authentication that
drives trust

Whether you’re encrypting vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) or vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, protecting cargo or ensuring the integrity of flight data, DigiCert Cloud PKI™ is the easiest and most scalable way to ensure your devices and data are trusted for the long haul.


Device security that
thrives on efficiency

Things are getting smarter. From home energy meters to intelligent highways and even systems for monitoring air pollution. Smart meters, switches and sensors save money and allow for more efficient demand response. DigiCert Cloud PKI™ secures your city’s IoT environment so your impact is greater while your footprint is smaller.



Runs like a well-oiled
machine, minus the oil

PKI helps industrial organizations gain faultless continuity, consistency and safety. As the number of access points in the IIoT skyrockets, you must ensure the integrity of your manufacturing line, smart robotics, heavy equipment and the data they share. DigiCert Cloud PKI™ is proven, giving you a mass-issuance platform for massive industrial operations.

From Proof-Of-Concept to Deployment and Beyond

Our PKI architects can help you launch a POC, design an internal provisioning environment and deploy PKI security for millions of devices (oh, and anything in between).

Not Just Good Company, Smart Company

DigiCert is trusted by 89% of the Fortune 500 and many of the top
connected device manufacturers.

  • Medtronic
  • Fresenius
  • Casa Systems
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